So I jumped on the Rachel Platten band wagon when Fight Song was released (let’s be fair all the celebrity support she received it was destined to be a hit) then I waited patiently for single number 2. As we all know ‘Stand By You’ didn’t disappoint. Both singles managed to mix together my absolute love of a meaningful ballad whilst invoking a feel good upbeat tempo. It’s like magic haha.

I’m really bad at sticking my ‘favourites’ playlist on my Deezer and listening to that over and over again (I do add new music to it every now and again so I’m not that bad that I listen to the exact same songs over and over) so I rarely indulge in a new album.

However, fancying something else I finally delved into Wildfire and wow it didn’t disappoint, from Better Place sounds like an old school Miley Cyrus ballad (before she went weird) to Hey Hey Hallelujah which is 100% pop and makes me want to get up and dance. I also really like Angels In Chelsea if you’re only going to sample one song do that one!

It’s definitely getting added alongside Red by Taylor Swift & Innocent Eyes by Delta Goodrem to my easy listening albums!  

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