hello feb

I cannot believe it’s February already! & I definitely feel like I’m getting old when I complain how quickly time passes. Just a little life update – it’s sort of as boring as ever, since the excitement of getting placed to go and work for Tamwood International in the summer (check it here) it’s sort of been life as usual through the end of January.

I’ve paused Pretty Little Liars in exchange for some 24 which I’m now addicted to even though I’ve never made it through the first season before. Desperately makes me want to work in a crime job and save the world! Haha totally realistic, the female Jack Bauer or something like that.

Last weekend (as in the 24th) I went to see a charity comedy gig at The Customs House in South Shields with my friend Danielle that Jason Cook and Chris Ramsey held in aid of a little boy with cancer who needs really expensive treatment. It was a great way to raise money and it was such a blast. Literally I’m pretty sure Jason Cook is the funniest person alive and the banter they have between the two of them winding each other up is hilarious, if you ever get the chance to witness it definitely do it!

Ooo I also got a new ear cuff from h&m that I really love, although I do always find they really hurt the top of my ear so if anybody has any advice on that it would be much appreciated, this little devil though was only £3.99! (Please ignore the state of my eyebrows) –

I’ve been trying to be good too, eating healthier and exercising but it’s just so hard to not eat crap; like right now I have a bag of skittles keeping me company. Although I did discover the best gym motivation song is definitely Work Bitch by Britney Spears I ran for my little life!

I don’t really think I have anything else of any interest to say, other than its only 40 days until New York!!! Woop woop!

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