December 31st

Eeek the last day of 2015! Obviously I have to go to work. I’m pretty sure my staff should give me a medal for manning up and working Christmas Eve, Boxing Day & New Year’s Eve when they all got at least one of them off but I won’t hold my breath 😜.

My last day of the year started with my last naughty impulse buy – a new Fitbit. I suppose it wasn’t TOTALLY an impulse by as my old Fitbit has broken and at times it really does encourage me to be healthier, plus it had £35 off so it was practically a bargain  

Its a posh one that tells me my heart rate and everything! New gadgets excite me!

It was then just a normal day nothing too much happened! Oh I found a date for New Years Eve! His name is Henry, he’s a little bit shy at times but he is totally reliable!  

After work I headed up to Haymarket to meet my friend Chris so we could watch the fireworks at 6pm.  

Considering it’s a free display it’s really good. I also love that they do this 6pm display every year so I don’t have to trudge myself to town at midnight to witness fireworks for NY because we all know I tend to sleep instead!

Although I did stay up until this new year this year! I was watching Making A Murdered (I Netflix & chilled without the innuendo) alone in bed like a total geek but I saw it in! 

     Happy New Year Everybody!!!

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