December 29th

Today is my big sisters birthday meaning she turned 28! Eek getting close to 30!  

I usually take her birthday off so we can do something together (usually going to feed the ducks down at the Marine park and eating ice cream outdoors in the middle of winter) but due to me thinking she was going away for her birthday I decided to just work. 

Work was an admin day! I actually don’t mind doing admin that much because it means I have a set mountain of work to do and I don’t need to communicate with any other humans I can just get on and do it. Plus I get to snack! Today I got a great deal on a giant tube of pink smarties that was only 49p in SuperDrug! Although in hindsight I did wish I had just brought some of my Christmas chocolate in.  

 If you’ve never had Thai sweet chicken crisps too I fully encourage you to try them they are truly delightful! 

It was just a normal boring day though to be fair… Michelle came over after work to open her presents, we ate tea (chicken Kiev and potatoes) and I climbed in to bed to read my book…. Then fell asleep super early ha.

Somethings never change!

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