December 27th

My first Sunday off work in forever 😬 yeyyyy! So obviously I had a bit of a lie in. I then had to shove some clothes on as I had a dress that I needed to take back to Debenhams that I only had a few more days to do so whilst I was off thought I better get it done. For my trouble though I got a costa 😬 

 It was sufficiently naughty & made my Sunday morning 😊. 

I then had a bit of a lazy afternoon and watched Mary Poppins which I had been dying to watch since watching Saving Mr Banks the other night; you definitely see it through a different light. I also had a IMDB trivia prowl whilst I watched it and learned some interesting facts – Dick Van Dyke played the part of the nasty banker for free and actually had to donate to charity for Walt Disney to let him have the part, Julie Andrews only took the part once she found out that she didn’t get My Fair Lady and Mrs Travers who wrote the book left the premiere in tears she hated it so much. I really wish Walt Disney was still alive he would make a brilliant guest on Piers Morgan!  

 Then after a picky tea of crisps & dip, onion bhajis and cheese and bacon skins amongst other things  

It was time to get ready to go out in tynemouth for Michelle’s pre-birthday bank holiday celebrations. 

I couldn’t decide what to wear so I went with my trusty suede dress from very which seems to fit for all occasions and my super comfy Chelsea boots from primark! We got the last ferry over to tynemouth and ended up in a literal dive of a pub – I’m not a rough pub kind of girl! 

After one drink we luckily escaped to somewhere else where we got a little bit of food and some more drinks. It was one of those nice nights where everybody just had a chat and a drink and I wasn’t crazy.  

 We then went to Lola Jeans where I’d never been before – that is more like my sort of place. However, I was a little bit disappointed that the cocktails all seemed super complicated so I settled on a simple Passoa and lemonade, I think maybe I need to go with a group of people who know what they want and then I can have some sneaky tries of theres.

Another Cinderella night meant we were home and in bed before 11.30pm which was brilliant for me. 

All in all a good chilled day! Brilliant!

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