December 26th

There is something devastating about working in retail and having to go to work on bank holidays but Boxing Day is definitely one of the worst. I still wasn’t feeling very well, there were no metros until after 8am (I’m usually at work by 8.04) and it was chucking it down with rain.

I got my penguin costa hot chocolate and felt robbed that I only got 2 butters for my toast – they are really big slices of toast 2 butters are not enough! And they usually give 4 – and I made it into work just in time for my Saturday morning conference call.

Considering Northumberland St. was really busy I was dreading (because I was poorly) how busy we were going to be. Those fears couldn’t be further from the truth, the shop was so quiet all day. It felt like a total waste to be open and devastated everybody missing out on a family day that much more.

By the time I got on the metro to come home all I wanted to do was climb into bed and read my book. It was literally the most boring day – I don’t even have a single photo so that should pretty much sum it up. I am however over halfway through To Kill A Mockingbird now which I consider a real feat!

Oh I did watch a little by of the top children’s books though! Did anybody else think it strange Winnie the Pooh was number 1? I mean I know it’s a classic and I loved it when I was little but I didn’t realise it was still such a big thing? I genuinely would’ve though that Harry Potter was more popular? Maybe that’s just me and my Harry Potter fan-ness…

Oh I did take a photo!!! Somebody was setting fireworks off so I went to capture them, but was too late but how strange do the clouds look anyway?!? Haha the thrill of my day is real  


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