December 25th

It’s Christmas!!! <—- screamed like it is in that song!

I swear to god my mam loves Christmas she woke me up at 4am ‘looking for the cat’ I’m pretty sure she was just too excited. Me & my little sister Ruby had a pact we weren’t getting up until 8.30am which meant that my big sister wasn’t coming over until after then to open presents so it was quite nice to have a bit of a lie in. However, then the jingle bells started! Haha.   

Now I may be 26 but in my family that definitely isn’t too old to still get very spoilt on Christmas Day (I’m curious whether if I have a baby I’ll just instantly stop getting as many presents) so this is what I was greeted with off Santa  

 All wrapped in frozen/Disney princess paper of course. 

Phoebe absolutely loved all the paper and she even helped open her own present (if you have a cat that loves a laser pen you have to invest in an automatic one she loves it), then she buried herself in the mountain of paper we created.  

 In our house we then have a tradition of croissants and Buck’s Fizz for breakfast once my step-brother Karl arrives, so we all gathered round nicely, and stuffed our faces for the first time today. 

Next, Karl and Ruby get taken to their other relatives whilst me my mam and Michelle get ourselves ready and my mam sorts out the lunch.  

 We kinda semi put on our glad rags for Christmas dinner, this year I put on my favourite suede dress that I wear all of the time because it’s super comfy and I love it. My mam also thoroughly enjoys decorating the table and this year she changed from red and gold to silver  

 We go all out for dinner with all of the trimmings; my favourite parts are sprouts, parsnips and pigs in blankets. This year they decided to try a new stuffing and it was disgusting! Who wants sultanas in anything never mind Christmas dinner! 

We then have a fairly new tradition where whilst my mam does the dishes and prepares desert we play a game, this year it was heads up from M&S (I stopped taking pictures at this point as I felt really poorly) where you get a celebrity’s name put in your accessory (I had elf ears & Michelle had a tiara) and you have to ask yes or no questions to guess who you are. First round I was the Queen and it took me ages to guess because they told me I wasn’t a princess and in my mind the queen was a princess so I should’ve been given a bit of a clue.

After dinner I did my obligatory yearly taxi duty (because everybody else drinks lots of wine) and took people home. I then crawled in to bed at 4.30 read a bit of To Kill A Mockingbird and fell asleep around 5pm with my Snow in Love Yankee Candle as company  

I definitely didn’t feel too good and the super long sleep was needed!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night X

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