December 24th

It’s Christmas Eve!!  

What a bad start to the day! My shutter fob wouldn’t let me into the shop so I was locked out for an hour until Zaki got there. However, I did take advantage and took a trip to Krispy Kreme to buy some donuts for the family tonight, and out of sheer boredom decided to go into BHS where it turned out the suitcases were reduced! Bargain! Got myself a £140 suitcase for £55.99 which considering my suitcase got ripped last year is such good news!

I was sooo prepped for a super busy Christmas Eve full of last minute shoppers and although we had an ok day it definitely wasn’t the day I was expecting. But my sabbatical is now signed off! So hopefully I should be off to American summer camp in 2016!! Whoop whoop!!

After I got over the devastation of not being able to close the shop until 5pm I went and played Santa delivering the last of my Christmas presents and receiving the last of my birthday presents haha! 

It was then bath, orange grass (the best takeaway in South Shields), Krispy Kreme donuts and new Christmas pjs (gryffindor ones obviously).

I was then determined to finish my book I’ve been reading for literally a month (which is so unlike me it’s ridiculous) so I did. Then I started a new one before I fell fast asleep.  

 I haven’t read To Kill A Mockingbird since I was 15 years old and reading it for my GCSEs but I always enjoyed it, so when this new white cover came out I decided it was about time I buy a copy without my scribbled notes all over it and read it for pleasure.

However I read about 4 pages before I fell asleep – I wasn’t lying when I complained to everybody I was shattered! 

So I’m sleeping before Santa forgets to come (that’s my excuse) night!

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