December 23rd

I got ANOTHER bus! That’s two this week. Haha because I stayed at Laura’s last night I survived getting a bus to work which got me in only like 15mins late… Whoops! 

Work was really strange. We were really quiet and then at 4.30 it went crazy! I escaped an hour later than I was Rotad in, however I did have a Zapatista for lunch so it made it sort of okay (if you live in/around Newcastle and have never been to Zapatista you HAVE to go!)

 I then had a mini film night with Ruby where we planned to watch a Christmas film but couldn’t pick one so watched Saving Mr Banks instead. I forgot how much I like it, it’s such a lovely film.  

 If you haven’t seen it, it’s about Walt Disney trying to persuade the writer of Mary Poppins to let him make the film. It’s based on a true story (I assume) and it’s really good. I’m not usually a huge Emma Thompson fan but she’s really good.

We then played around with the new snapchat filters ha (too easily amused)  

I am definitely not a fan of having to pay for a snapchat filter though! What a rip off! 

It was then a semi-early night with 101 Dalmatians on Now TV ready for a wonderful Christmas Eve at work… Where it all starts again!

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