December 21st

Ahhh I got a little lie in this morning before work as I didn’t start until 9.30, it was definitely very welcome!  And the sky was super pretty when I left the house.

 I accidentally (again) had a Burger King  for lunch 🐷 I’m going to be about 24stone by the time Christmas is over, but I’m pretending it’s fine…

Tonight was finally Love Actually night 

IIts my favourite modern day Christmas film, and led the way for other films to adapt the format (Valentine’s Day & New Years Eve are both told in the same way). There are lots of interlinking storylines with a little mini love story. It’s definitely worth a watch, and Colin Firth manages to raise the bar for men all over once again!

I’m now curling up with Grey’s Anatomy to try and finally watch the newest seasons as I keep getting distracted!

4 sleeps!!

Night x


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