December 20th

Sunday Sunday ba-da-ba-da-da-da 🎤 it was the morning after the night out for my staff this morning, one of whom had crawled home at 4am before coming to work at 11. Could’ve been such a long day but it was actually ok. I planned ahead and bought snacks for everybody and we managed well considering there were only 5 of us the Sunday before Christmas.

It was then off to Fat Hippo for food with my mommy, sister and few friends for food before our traditional Carol service. We had dirty skins (potato skins with bacon and a sort of spicy Big Mac sauce called fat hippo sauce), then me and my mam shared a burger and chips for main.  

 I used to always see posters on the metro advertising a ‘1000 candle Carol service’ and always wanted to go, finally a few years ago we decided to go and find it and since then it has become tradition to go. It’s at Jesmond Parish Church and it really is a beautiful service. I’m not exactly Catholic or Christian or anything, I sort of want to believe but just can’t quite but I enjoy the service all the same.  

After the service they also offer mulled apple juice and Christmas snacks in a marquee outside. It’s just a lovely tradition I hope to keep up for years to come as it really puts me in the Christmassy spirit.

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