December 19th

For some reason this morning I was super tired and it required drastic measures… 

 I am not usually a red bull kinda girl but it was required yesterday! And it was the first time I’ve really felt a boost from it too! 

Work was fairly okay finally 6 days before Christmas starting to get busier, but what was getting me through the day was looking forward to going out for food and a few drinks for my birthday!

Like anybody else who’s birthday is in December I find planning something for my birthday super super difficult! Everybody is always either too busy or too poor or just drops out last minute. So I decided to keep it small this year and just invited a few people to go out for a meal and it ended up just me my big sister and Jess which was good enough for me. 

I put my glad rags on (my boobs kinda were hanging out a bit 🙈) and tried to glam myself up a little bit and headed to Mambos for my tea.  

 I also really like my bargain jacket from h&m’s sale too which was only £15 reduced from £49.99 which was brilliant timing saying as my old trusty statement jacket ripped.

Mambo’s is so realiable for tasty food so I went with my old favourites – potato skins and carbonara with a cheesy garlic bread to share.  

 They also do some really tasty cocktails which is always an added bonus! 

We then headed down into the town centre to Hogarths Gin Palace. I have heard so many good things about this place and to be fair it was packed. However, I don’t understand why the lights were all on! It just didn’t seem right to be out drinking in a fully bright room, it felt like we couldn’t dance and really ruined the mood a little bit.

It was then absolutely CHUCKING it down so we decided to jump in a taxi and have a Cinderella night. And I was definitely a drowned rat just off going for a taxi and getting from the taxi to my front door  

 Bad times!!! 

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