December 17th

I skipped a few days… Whoops! But today is my last day as a 25 year old so it’s an important day… Plus I actually have stuff to talk about!

I started my day with a lovely non-alcoholic liquid breakfast  

 I’m pretty sure I have some sort of dairy allergy because I always feel sick when u drink milkshake but I love it so much I can’t stop drinking it!

I also took my half day Christmas shopping day today which meant I got to escape work at 1.30, which in turn meant I could go get Christmas dinner with my one and only Laura Bell 😊. Out of all the possible places to go we picked Frankie & Benny’s because we are that original.  

 I’m not gonna lie it was pretty standard I wasn’t overly impressed, the potatoes were by far the best part! We then had a sneaky naughty pudding (to be fair we never have desert so we were allowed to have a Christmaa treat) which was delicious – waffle with mint choc chip ice cream.


Then after a super quick trip to primark and h&m I jumped in the car with Iain to steal a lift home. I was in a rush so I could do my good deed and donate blood for the first time.

It sounds really stupid but I was really nervous, I’m really glad I did it though because it was definitely worth it and the fact that it could save somebody’s life is amazing. But it did hurt a little bit…

The next stop of my day was to see Peter Pan STAMP’s Christmas Panto. I bought a cool new necklace from primark to where with a dress I got a while ago so I really wanted to wear that  

 8 whole pounds worth of bling! 

I went with my mam, her best friend Lesley and my oldest friend Danielle. We had such a blast playing along with the script and the kids were fantastic, Daniel Shilling and Caitlin Birchall definitely stole the show, but the flying (even though I’d been snapchatted it galore) was brilliant. The big group songs really held the show together with some great choreography from Barbara. Me and my flashy wand definitely enjoyed it!  

I’m now in bed watching the very last episode of Life Unexpected ready to get up at the crack of dawn to go to Edinburgh for the Christmas market and Hard Rock Cafe!

Night x 

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