December 13th

Another day another dollar back at work with a lovely Greggs hot chocolate  

 Oops a naughty start to the day! I also really couldn’t be bothered to wash my hair so I did some super detangling and just stuck yesterday’s hairstyle into a ponytail which was always gonna rock with my favourite Christmas jumper in tow (although my face kinda looks a funny shape). 

 After work it was time to put up my Christmas tree (I was hoping my mommy might’ve done it for me whilst I was at work so I didn’t have to but nevermind).

I got a new tree this year from Next and it’s a ‘frosted’ tree and yehhh I wasn’t prepared for the amount of ‘snow’ that would come off it.  

Step 1.

Step 2

  Step 3


So I’ve never actually had to put my tree up by myself before and oh my god how stressful is it please?!? I do proper love my angel though I think she looks like me haha, I bought her from John Lewis years ago for like £4 

Well my tree is up, I’ve had a lovely Sunday dinner for tea so I’m now going to curl up in bed and watch the XFactor final.

Have a very merry night 😊🎄


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