December 10th

I’ve got to hand it to the Tyne & Wear metro service… They managed to get me both to and from work today… There was still delays on the way home which caused the metro to be unnaturally full but hey I made it!

Today the tiredness really settled in, I am literally so tired it’s ridiculous I’m actually glad ok on the late tomorrow as I get a lie in of like 2 extra hours!! It’s sad when 2 hours extra sleep makes your day I know.

My Deezer Christmas playlist also got me home today, due to having no lift from the metro station my achy feet needed something to keep them walking. Being able to listen to Christmas songs without the rubbish ones I hate is quite a treat. I started with Kate Winslet’s What If from A Christmas Carol šŸ˜Š  
At the risk of sounding like an old person I can’t believe it’s the 10th December already! I only have 1 week left of being 25 šŸ™ˆ then I’m officially even older. Never good times! 

To make the world a better place though my mam brought me some carbonara home from Bellini’s where she went out with the girls for my tea  

 It was super yummy and perfect for my night in bed watching TV, I cannot even explain how tired I was!


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