December 9th

Ahhh another day off. Which obviously means I was still up at 8am to go to kettlebells… One day I WILL have a lie in, maybe on Christmas Day. After sweating it out at kettlebells (I did scissor jumps for the first time omg do they hurt your legs!) I went over to Danielle’s to see her new house for the first time, the verdict is it is HUGE and has so much potential I’m so happy for her!

Then after tea and cakes at Danielle’s I headed home where I spent my day watching Nashville (I’m almost caught up) and making friendship bracelets to sell at the show on Saturday (see the STAMP website for details about the shows). 


I then headed off to our final rehearsal for Saturday’s show which was a dress rehearsal. I love a dress rehearsal it’s the first time you really see a show come together and the set looks brilliant too! I always have a proud parent (even though I’m not) moment when the kids do shows. I’m such a softie! I’m really proud of my little sister Ruby for this show too as its the first time she’s really taken a big lead in teaching.  

Then it was pizza and more Nashville before a reasonably early night!

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