December 8th

Weyyyy the metro didn’t let me down today! However it did cause a lot of trouble for the rest of my staff, so that mixed with the fact that I had somebody rang in sick led to a very stressful 12-hour-shift at work. The Christmas jumper did slightly help the situation though 

 Although I’m a tramp who took out my plaits from Saturday and still didn’t wash my hair 🙈 whoops!

The shop had such a good day that I went out and bought some Christmas cakes from Greggs for everybody as a thank you – how cute are they please?!?

 Considering I worked 8am-8pm I didn’t really have much time for anything else exciting, except forcing my friend Chris to the pub for a quick drink and consequently being dragged to Nandos for food – which meant I got to claim my orange reward!!!  

 So basically work and food… That was my Tuesday 😬

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