December 7th

When I thought the metros couldn’t get any worse after the last 2 days they did! My blog has literally turned into a metro moan zone. So this morning I thought I’d be proactive and get the metro from Brockley Whins rather than Tyne Dock so I’d get to work earlier as I had the keys. Well my lovely mother dropped me off in the rain, and there was no metros on at all.

Somebody had told the group of people that was waiting there was a replacement bus in service so I waited in the rain for just short of an hour before I admitted defeat and ordered a taxi. £18.20 it cost me to get to work!!! So basically I’ve paid £20.80 for 7 days metro travel which has caused me to be late for work 3 days in a row and an extra £18.20 to actually get there! There’s clearly some major changes needed to make that a better service.

Because I felt sorry for myself for having another crappy morning I then indulged in a Burger King for lunch which was SUPER naughty 🙈. And due to staff sickness ended up 25minutes late for a nail appointment.

I’m not really much of a nail person, I definitely cannot do extensions however I do enjoy to get a good gel polish every now and then, and Gemma at Cover Beauty on Grainger Street is always worth a visit! For the festive season I’ve got black but with random bits of glitter on which are different on every nail (I really wish I could get nail art but I have such tiny nails it would probably look silly). 

 Ha my little stubby fingers always look funny on photos, I’m also under strict instructions I need to go and buy cuticle oil.
Then after a quick drink with my favourite ladies (Laura and Danielle) we headed to the Metro Radio Arena to see Christmas Live. 

 I go to Christmas Live every year and it’s always a great mix of music, however, this year I was a little bit disappointed with the line up. But it was good fun anyway. 

Highlights were definitely Olly Murs (who never disappoints) and Lunchmoney Lewis who didn’t even know but had the whole arena up dancing (he sings that ‘I’ve got bills I gotta pay’), Reggie & Bollie from XFactor were a hit too but at the same time a little bit of a disappointment because Twitter had said Cheryl was introducing them on to stage and she wasn’t there… Little things lol. Dappy was definitely the lull of the night, I’m not really a Dappy fan anyway but I swear to god he didn’t even know the words to his own songs. Absolute waste of space!

I’ll probably still to and buy tickets for next year though!

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