December 5th

Today started with my mam being an absolute star and going to the post office collection place to pick my Beats headphones up at 6.30. I was so happy to finally have them after my Black Friday purchase  

However, my day then plummeted when I got to the metro station and there was none on between South Shields and Jarrow… There wasn’t even a notification on the board it just said there was delays, luckily a random guy told me.

So I had to ring my mam to come and pick me up and take me 4 stations along, which made me half an hour late for work… Great start! 

We did have a pretty good day at work though so I can’t grumble too much. The good fun came after work though! Christmas night out yeyyyyy

I couldn’t go on my own store’s night out so I tagged along to my old stores in Sunderland. My favourite Laura came to make my hair super pretty for me (she’s so good at plaits) and I got dolled up and headed out. 

We went to a meat place in Sunderland that I want to say was called Sloppy Joe’s but that might be a lie. The food was average but the staff were pretty rude. Baring in mind we were a group of 12 spending £350 they told us we had to leave our table because they needed it for somebody else; which is fair enough but there was nowhere else for us to go to!

They did however make some MEAN cocktails! Strawberry & passion fruit  daiquiris were my choices of drinks for the night and they were frozen (my fav) we definitely drank plenty – this table was just 1 of 3 after we were moved and it shows the weird lighting for a restaurant lol. 

And Nick’s best poses – he is literally the funniest drunk person I’ve ever met! 
We then headed to Gatsby’s (which is always a favourite) and then Arizona where I’d never been before to get our groove on. We literally danced like crazy it was honestly so much fun! I dread to see Laura Winter’s videos she took!  I got a nice photo of us though 😊


I was a bit of a party pooper when I jumped in a taxi just after midnight but my feet were killing off my super high sparkly party shoes, and I had to be a little sensible to go to work in the morning! I did find a Christmas tree to have a selfie with first though!  

 I love Christmas!!!

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