December 4th

I think any day where you’ve done 100 burpees by 9am can definitely be labelled productive! So thanks to my 8.30 training session it was a go.

However, after my shower and FINALLY applying for my new passport it was back to procrastination with The Sims – somebody is going to have to uninstall it from my computer!

My mam then took a half day so we could go and look at new cars 🚗 which meant Christmas jumper no. 4 of course!  

I look really gormless in that photo…

We went over to Silverlink where we took a new Suzuki Swift for a test drive, I think that’s definitely what we’re going to get however I’m not going to put an order in until I get a guy to go with me because I genuinely believe men in car showrooms pry on female buyers; I’m so untrusting considering I’m a salesperson myself. 

We then headed over to m&s which is my mam’s favourite place to go and my worst. I don’t know why but it really infuriates me. However, for the first time in her entire life my mam went ‘take a picture of us and send it to Michelle’ which is unfortunately a picture where I look about 20 stone but nevermind. 

 After some more shopping (I came home with MORE Christmas presents) we just had a fairly relaxed night in. I wrote out all of my Christmas cards 🎄 ate frosted French fancies (I’d never had one before but they are beautiful), watched Pointless and then stressed trying to find something for people to buy me for my birthday and Christmas. 
So basically, I had a day off and shopped… It wasn’t very exciting, but I wore another Christmas jumper to be festive! Oh and I had a reindeer in my advent calendar today!

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