December 2nd.

A day off yeyyy! 

I started today like most of my days off (or I try to anyway) with kettle bells as an attempt to beat off some of the naughty food I keep putting in my body 🙈. Then after a quick hour wasted on The Sims, I jumped in the shower and got ready in my 2nd Christmas jumper of the year to go and pick my friend Kim up to head to the cinema.  

 As a black card member of Cineworld I also try to use my Meerkat Movies to take somebody who usually has to pay for the cinema for free! Today that lucky person was Kim.

We went to see the new Kate Winslet film The Dressmaker. I’m not going to lie the fact that both Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth were in this film is what made me want to go and see it and it was a little bit unusual. But mostly I couldn’t get over the 15 year age gap they were pretending didn’t exist between them. Don’t get me wrong for a 40-year-old woman Kate is looking bloody good, however Liam was just a kid when she was lying on a sofa asking Leonardo DiCaprio to paint her like one of his French girls. Other than that the film couldn’t quite pick a storyline to stick to so I won’t be recommending it to anybody. 


After another short blast on The Sims (I’m actually addicted it’s a fact), it was off to STAMP to run through one of our final rehearsals for Rock n Roll Christmas, which is sort of getting there.

However, I did ruin my night when I discovered there’s no decent Christmas films to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime and I haven’t gotten my DVDs out yet. Failure on the Christmas film front on just day 2 🙈.

Better luck tomorrow… Hopefully! 

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