It’s December 1st.

Ahhhh it’s my favourite month! Christmas and presents and food and my birthday all rolled in to one single month, what isn’t to love? I try my best not to let the slog of retail bring me down! I put my Christmas jumper on and reminded myself that despite the cold and miserable weather it could be worse.

Now, I am a firm believer that you can’t optionally listen (therefore you are excused in public areas) to Christmas songs or watch Christmas films before December strikes, so my first point of call today was to watch a Christmas film! I opted for new Christmas comedy ‘Christmas With The Coopers.’

 It seems kind of traditional that all American Christmas films involve a big family attempting to come together for Christmas Day as if it’s the only time of year they make the effort and there’s always somebody who doesn’t want to go and somebody overly eager to make it perfect and a dad who is sort of just holding it all together. Well Christmas With The Coopers doesn’t disappoint with any of those themes. I found it slightly too forced and fake (and to be honest I’m just not that big of a Diane Keating fan as she annoys me) but hey ho it was Christmassy. Olivia Wilde and John Goodman are always worth the watch anyway. 

I’m now on my way home to open my advent calendar and potentially watch another film! Although it might be cheating to watch two in one day??  

 Oh one last thing… I’m really not a dog person but look at this!!! too cute! 

Night 🎅🏻

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