I Survived Black Friday!

Working in retail anytime there’s a sale on can be stressful. However, since the UK jumped on board the Black Friday bandwagon I always dread it; at least in the U.S they have thanksgiving to relax before hand. Anyway, my Black Friday experience started at 3am when I just happened to wake up and think ‘ooo I’ll check what’s on very.’ Now, I have never been somebody who sees the point in expensive headphones HOWEVER, recently my apple headphones have been hurting my little ears and I’ve been considering branching out, so my excitement when I saw a pink pair of beats with £90 off meant they went straight in my basket. 

 Then after a few more hours of sleep I was off to work to begin what turned out to be a 10.5 hour shift. I can’t actually complain too much about it as we had a brilliant day and probably the best thing about working in retail on Black Friday is everybody is there prepared to buy and spend money. 

More on the shopping front though… Amazon.co.uk did ‘lightning deals’ all week so I managed to get a few little Christmas presents to bulk people out, a bottle of SJP perfume I used to always have in my bag for a quick squirt, and some of my favourite make up brushes by Sam & Nic.

If you’ve never tried them I really recommend them as they are so super soft!
I also bought loads of things I’m sending back as I clearly didn’t really want or need them it was just spontaneous excitement – a faux fur coat, a playsuit and a feather necklace. 

I can sort of understand why people wait and do so much of their Christmas shopping on Black Friday as there are definitely some fantastic deals out there, but it’s too stressful for me. And people would end up getting all sorts instead of what they really wanted.

I’ll stick to being organised and shopping in advance I think!

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