Visiting Jess



I used to have an absolutely amazing co-worker in a STAMP called Jess who abandoned me last year to go to adventure in Leeds for Uni (selfish I know). So today I’m off to visit her for two nights 😬.

The original purpose for the trip was to see my idol Kelly Clarkson in concert but due to her cancelling her tour it is instead going to just be a few girly days. 

  I just left Newcastle so I’m now sitting catching up on last nights Xfactor amazed at how good everybody has gotten! But me and my hot chocolate are quite content.  
 Leeds I’m coming for ya!!!


I made it! And after a rather scary taxi ride – I think the taxi driver was eager to get to the uni than we were – I’m now officially gatecrashing Leeds Uni’s panto rehearsals where Jess is choreographing Footloose!

I wish I could come and see it in all its glory because everybody seems to be having a really good time and it sounds/looks like there’s some genuine talent.



We had such a hardcore night out last night…. BINGO!!! I love bingo but haven’t been for literally years so off we went for a night in Leeds Mecca.  

 After a LOT of confusion about what we were buying (the woman just wasn’t all that helpful) we had an absolute blast; although like all bingo goers we are pretty sure we were robbed by only winning £9 all night!

I then lost my uber virginity when we claimed a free taxi journey home which was useful because almost all the roads were closed by the sounds of it so it was a difficult journey. If anybody hasn’t used über yet I really recommend it; although I feel sorry for the professional taxi drivers who are losing good money from it you cannot begrudge a cheap/free and fast service. 

We ended our wild night on the sofa with Jess’ flat mates watching the first episode of I’m A Celeb then catching up on the XFactor – poor Olly Murs.

Oh then I discovered something else new! Haha Jess introduced me to Tinder! How funny please! I’m assuming nobody ever actually goes on dates through it though… It’s a bit strange. 

Now we’re just having a lazy morning chilling before heading out, potentially to the Christmas markets! 



Once we got up yesterday we headed into the city centre on the train.

The plan was to go to Christmas markets but as expected with me I got distracted by normal shopping on the way. I’m pretty sure that Newcastle is the only decent city without a Victoria’s Secret now – which is maybe a good thing for my bank balance. 

Jess then introduced me to a place called Trinity Kitchen. If you’re ever in Leeds I would definitely recommend it, it’s one area that has different stalls selling ‘street food’ from around the world. If anybody knows me they know how fussy I am with food but I gave some Vietnamese food, it looked and smelled amazing but I wasn’t crazy about it. Jess on the other hand had a burrito which looked unreal.  

 It was then on to the Christmas market which was a bitter disappointment. I generally go up to Edinburgh which has a huge Christmas market so I was fairly unimpressed with Leeds – I suppose I have high expectations. 
After Jess’ dance practice we headed back into the city to meet up with my not-so-baby cousin who is at Leeds Trinity Uni. We headed down to Revs for tea to enjoy some 2-4-1 cocktails and 50% off food, I felt like a proper student. 
I then set a really bad example when I bought in a round of shots 🙊 but they were actually really yummy – I had cherry & pear drops. 

We had an hour to kill before the train so Jess suggested a pit stop in Bierkeller. I can’t believe I’ve never been to the one in Newcastle it was so much fun.  

John had 2-4-1 on his stein of beer whilst me and Jess just had typical girl drinks! I’m not sure the barmaid even knew she sold mango flavoured vodka. The highlight was when 5,6,7,8 came on so me and Jess got on the table for the routine like the pros we are.

I’ve honestly had so much fun in Leeds. But now it’s onwards to London I go!!


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