Our Ladies of Pepetual Succour 

Let me start by saying this was potentially the best show I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen my fair share). Our Ladies of Pepetual Succour was previewed in this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe and has just spent a few weeks at the Live Theatre on Newcastle’s Quayside. Steve (one of my best friends dad who lives in Houston) told me all about it a few weeks ago, but it was completely sold out according to the theatres website. However, it seems they released extra tickets as Steve managed to bag me two tickets for tonight’s closing night.

I didn’t really know what to expect from the show other than it being rather crude, having a couple of songs in it and some strong Scottish accents. However, I was definitely impressed from start to finish. Actually I was even impressed before the show; firstly I had never been in the Live Theatre and didn’t realise how beautiful it would be, an amazing mix of classic and modern it has been designed to a fantastic standard. Secondly we were escorted to some seats (it was cabaret style at the front so there was no allocation) and sat next to a gentleman and his partner. We shared some pleasantries including a question about seeing the show before to which he answered ‘you could say that,’ this then piqued my interest and after a quick internet browse I’m fairly confident he was the author of the book Sopranoes that the play is based on! However, it felt like too much time has passed so I didn’t ask him to sign my book… Awkward times.

Anyway the show did then start! Onto the stage walked 6 girls dressed in school uniforms, for the entire show I was blown away by their vocals (the harmonies were ridiculously impressive but their solos held just as high a standard) and their unimaginable talent; between the 6 of them they played probably 20+ characters. The direction and scenery is really very simple, with minimal props and only costuming for the main character each of them play, meaning there is a lot relying on the actors ability to portray different characters simply through tone and body language, and I felt like they definitely delivered.

A warning that I would give – if you would be offended or uncomfortable with crude language don’t attend. I’d imagine a lot of people would question why it is so brutal and crude but I honestly cannot imagine the show without it.

Between the hooch and the hair clips I (along with the majority of the audience I might add) was smiling from start to finish (except for a few tearful moments). There are rumours of a West End production and if it happens I encourage everybody to go and see what it’s all about, and hopefully they will keep the cast as they worked together brilliantly (even though one of them reminded me of April Kepner from Grey’s Anatomy).

Phenomenal show! I think I’ll even buy the book to read now!

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