The Night Of The Super Moon


I find it really interesting when we have natural miracles. I remember when I was 9 years old getting my glasses out of my cereal box so I could look at the total eclipse. So when I found out tonight was the night of the super moon I was really excited. 

Tonight is going to be both the brightest and the darkest moon for the past 36 years (definitely in my lifetime), unfortunately at the moment it is a little bit misty outside but you can still see how bright the moon is at the moment, and I can’t wait to be woken up at about 3am when the blood moon should be in full view.

This is my current view; the twinkling lights of South Shields dimmed by the brightness of the moon. 



Okay, so the moon doesn’t really look any different yet, but it is soooo bright! My entire room is lit up with it. We’re still a little bit cloudy but hopefully that’ll pass in the next few hours 

It’s quite hard to get a picture through my window as the brightness is reflecting making it look like there’s two moons. However, you can seem how lit up the sky is in comparison to the silhouette of the tree at the bottom of my garden. 


An iPhone camera perhaps isn’t the best way to capture images of the moon, however it is finally starting to eclipse it’s about halfway there, however my phone makes it look practically full still.

It’s actually eclipsing really fast, every time I look it’s moved a little bit further!

I’ve barely slept because I keep checking it! I did however have a dream that as it turned red aliens came on little ships which were called platapi and gave everybody a tshirt… Haha! 


What a beautiful and strange phenomenon. The night is so dark now there’s a blanket of stars on show which for the middle of a town is impressive.

It seemed to take ages for that final slither to disappear  

  But it is now glowing a beautiful dark orange. I’m going to trawl for some proper photos in the morning to show th amazing beauty of it because an iPhone just cannot do it justice. 

However, now that I’ve witnessed my super blood moon eclipse and caught a glimpse of a shooting star I’m going to bed.

Night ___x
Okay as promised – I stole this off Twitter that some guy close to my house took over the night (his details are printed on it)   

Personally I never saw it get quite so bright but it’s how I saw it disappear.

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