Back in March I decided to go along to a Kettlebell class and try it out as it looked fairly easy and claimed to be a huge calorie burner. Wow, easy it was not! During my second session I had to leave halfway through because I felt physically sick and shaky, I was totally not fit enough for it. 

However, I kept at it and soon I got into the swing of it. It’s a great class to attend as although fitness levels are different for everybody, you keep pushing yourself by going up in weights to ensure you’re still getting a full workout.

There’s some totally different classes to attend also, where I go it cycles between fast classes (where you have a set number of exercises to do and you do them as fast as you can and get a break after) HIIT Circuits (circuit training with specific Kettlebell and cardio exercises) and regular classes where you do as many of each exercise as you can within an alloted amount of time. 

Although I haven’t seen any huge weight losses (I get wrong every week for not eating healthy when I get measured) I have seen a huge improvement on my posture and in my strength. I know for a fact if I get my head in the game the weight and inches will totally drop off. I just need some commitment. 

If you’ve never tried Kettlebells I really recommend it, and if you’re in the South Tyneside Area definitely look up Karli Weir as she is amazing! However, one thing I will say, if you’re in a class where you’re using 4kg & 6kg bells you need to swap, even my first session I didn’t use those!


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