New Hair Day!

Anybody who knows me is aware of my love of getting my hair dyed new colours. I’ve been really well behaved lately and have opted for a blonde/ginger ombré and highlights which I’ve had since about March (6 months is a really long time for me to have the same coloured hair). However, today is the day I have a winter change! So I’m probably going full back to brunette but I’m also planning to get it chopped off… eek! 💇🏻 Yeah I know this sounds lame but it’s really exciting for me!

So here’s a before…


& stay tuned for an after!!

I’m also spending the day with my mommy today! We’re going to go and play my Gran a visit then heading out shopping and hopefully get my nails done! Yupppp ultimate girly day for me today! But after the week that I’ve had I’m pretty certain that I deserve it!

It’s a work in progress at the moment but we decided on a bronde (although the dye looks really dark on my head) and I’ve had a big rough chop off to be tidied up when I’m all coloured 😊

Why is it that pictures taken with a hairdressers gown on always give you about 72 chins??? One of the worlds mysteries! I also look miserable haha but there was an old lady watching me selfie-ing which was awkward…

Okay, the final result – after also having my eyebrows done and shopping for hours but not getting my nails done. It’s definitely darker than bronde but I love it! Feels strange having short hair again.
This is also potentially the most random blog post ever, so I apologise haha.

That is all.

Night xo

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