Sinister 2

Last night I went to see Sinister 2 with my friend Michelle. My God I was petrified! So if we go back a few years I remember sitting in the back row with the girls watching Sinister (1) and being scared, but I think I forgot how scary the weird white faced man is.

The second instalment picks up from where the last film ended with Deputy ‘So & So’ attempting to burn down all of the houses linked to the curse of the ‘Boghuul.’ However, when he arrives at one house about to burn it to the ground he discovers a mother and her two sons living in the house.

In true horror story fashion he is too late and one of the boys has already began the cycle of the Boghuul’s haunting.

The setting was so typical horror film I don’t understand why anybody would ever optionally live there; a house in the middle of nowhere with an abandoned church to the side of it where a mass murder had occurred years earlier.

Shannyn Sossamon played a little bit of an annoying mother figure although she played a fantastic drunk! James Ransone on the other side was brilliant, I imagine no grown man really wants to play the scared man but he did it so well, there a scene where he can’t sleep because he’s too scared and I loved it, he also took a beating very well. Robert Daniel Sioan played the haunted boy and he was sooo scary it was crazy. I’m always either really impressed or underwhelmed by child actors and he fell into the first category for his performance in this film. Lucas Zumann on the other hand who played one of the dead children seemed a little bit forced for my liking.

I was literally petrified throughout the majority of the film, so much so I suggested to Michelle we should maybe just leave halfway through. I also thought I might cry. It was created perfectly with the right amount of tension and the exact amount of scream-worthy jumps.

If you’re a fan of a horror movie you definitely have to take the time to go and see Sinister 2, even if you haven’t seen the first film it isn’t hugely important you will get the gist.

Perhaps my favourite part of the film was that Karma won! Watch it and you’ll understand what I mean.

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