My Weekly Round Up

All in all, this week was actually really stressful! It started with my shop beginning on Sunday night and me leaving work at about 6.30pm with a floor half pulled up and ladders, furniture and phones all over the place. That pretty much set the tone for my entire week! Haha. Monday morning meant big cleaning before we could even begin selling and just a stressful day all around trying to settle into our new surroundings and what not.

Tuesday as you might have seen in my ‘Yesterday‘ post was just as bad haha. A super early morning start to then not be allowed in my hotel wasn’t fantastic! However, on Wednesday it started to look up.

I was supposed to be meeting Jordan for a post-travelling catch up but ended up just having a solo shopping trip for the day. I met up with Jessie the Cowgirl in the Disney Store


Then I went on an adventure to find Victoria’s Secret as they have my FAVOURITE underwear and I’ve only ever been whilst in America. I’ll tell you what the London store doesn’t disappoint, it is HUGE. Like four storeys huge and it’s really, really pretty; also if you go up to the top floor they have the outfit Taylor Swift wore during the London fashion show up there which I think is pretty cool personally.


What makes VS even cooler is that it is just along the road from Vera Wang, so once you leave with all your posh new underwear you can go and fantasise about ever being able to afford a Vera Wang wedding dress – just a suggestion!

I then finished off my solo-shopping trip (once laden down with bags) with a quick ice cream to cool me down.


Because that is how I roll!

Thursday marked my return to work, however, the shop was finished HALLELUJAH, so that was a huge relief! Which I celebrated by having a lovely early night curled up in my bed – hardcore I know!

Now getting to the weekend. I definitely do not believe in TGIF, because unfortunately working in retail it just means ‘yey your busy part of the week is about to begin,’ however, I am a fan of Friday night food and cocktails, which this week I had with one of my oldest friends Danielle. We headed down to the Newcastle Quayside for 2-4-1 cocktails in the slug and lettuce and just had a good old natter with some lovely food. Although, we might have went a little overboard with the cocktails….
 And even though it chucked it down with rain, the quayside still looked as beautiful as ever. It’s views like this which make me feel really lucky to live in the North East (how soppy?!?)
  Then after a fairly successful Saturday at work (phewph!) I dashed home to quickly throw some clothes on (on rare occasions I have time to actually get dressed nicely to go out) to head out for a family curry to celebrate Ruby (my little sister) getting her GCSE results and getting into college!

Before it once again chucked it down, we got soaking wet literally sprinting to the car and a super scary thunder storm came around; it turns out there is nothing like a big thunder storm to make me feel very single suffering all alone! Haha.

Anyway, that’s pretty much my life over the last week. Next week should hopefully involve lots of kettlebells (I’ve been totally slacking) Sinister 2, wedding dress shopping with Kim, my Americamp FaceTime interview and hopefully something fun to do over the bank holiday weekend (other than work).

Hope I didn’t bore you too much


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