8.52am I never did get round to posting anymore yesterday but it was a bit of a strange day… I was early getting to Paddington so I thought I would go to the hotel and drop my bag off. This time in London I’m staying in the beautiful Hilton Metropole which as far as I’m aware has just had the foyer renovated. However, when I went to check in to leave my bag, all hell broke loose.

My hotel room was booked by my manager and was therefore under his name, which meant they didn’t want to give me the room, however a lovely girl named Charlotte told me to forward on the reservation and she would sort it out for me coming back. Great! So off I went to work.

Baring in mind this was work for the day –

Head office is definitely where I want to work! 

Today I was there for my once a month employee council meeting which always gets a little bit heated but it’s all for a good cause!

Nine of us then went on a cross London mission to Wembley stadium. I find it amazing that there’s people I come to London every month who have never been on the tube and who find it difficult. I absolutely love the tube! However, once we were there and checked in we headed up to the 4th floor to our booked room which turned out to be one of the company’s exec. boxes.

I feel like this is how the other half live, and clearly how I should! I’m not even a football fan in the slightest but I was fairly impressed. 

Whilst we were there we recorded a film for our work intranet just explaining who we are and what we do. It was such a good laugh and the ridiculous pressure we all felt trying to get our lines out was a little bit funny. In the end though I hope we got a good result!

So then it was back to the hotel, where I had assumed Charlotte had gotten my room sorted out, but oh no! 40 minutes later I managed to get a key.

I picked a high floor in the hope I could get a decent view, and although it was murky I wasn’t disappointed..  

 You can just see the London eye perking out in the distance. I do love London. 

After my 5am start I couldn’t wait to get into my room put my pjs on and order room service, but it turns out this hotel doesn’t do room service! I was really gutted. And after a quick FaceTime to Laura I persuaded myself to get myself together and go brave eating alone in the restaurant.

Except the restaurant was closed. So my only choice for food was the bar in the reception where the choice was pretty much limited to sandwiches and chips. I must say I wasn’t impressed. To my understanding there’s building work currently going on within the hotel, but for there to be nowhere decent to eat is pretty crappy.

To settle myself down I ordered a cocktail  

 which to be fair was pretty yummy, and a croque Monsieur which wasn’t fantastic. The waitress also barely understood English which was a bit frustrating to me, but even more so to another guest who was instructed he had to leave his table and go to the bar to tell the barman what drink he wanted as she didn’t understand.

I’m hoping in the future this won’t be an issue as it’s all temporary due to the building work (I’m crossing my fingers for next month!).

I was then a total bore and curled up in bed with Teen Mom rather than venturing out into the big dark city alone! Haha and I can’t lie I was asleep by 8.45pm but I think I needed it so it’s fine.

Currently I’m having a dilemma over what to do as I’ve just washed my hair to discover my room doesn’t have a hairdryer; even though according to the hotel’s website it should. So I’m trying to decide how disgusting my hair will be if I don’t dry it… I think I might give it a good towel dry and go down to breakfast and ask at reception. That seems like a good plan right?

Anyway either way I’m going to get ready as I’m having a fun day out with Jordan today!


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