Pretending To Be Important

8.03am – This morning I had to battle a 5.40am alarm; which is always devastating when you’re not heading to the airport, but today it’s for an early morning train to get to London for a meeting; which I’m on now…  

 (I generally always pull disgusting faces). I always feel a little bit out of a place when you get on a train full of people in suits, like surely it’s not comfortable to travel in a suit?!? And I feel as if people are looking at me thinking ‘Where on earth is she going??’ Haha but never mind. I’m pretty much just pretending to be important anyway.

As cheesy as it is, London is genuinely one of my favourite places in the world, but it’s always a little bit upsetting when it’s just a flying visit. My plan for today is to head over to Paddington for a meeting, then dash over to Wembley to create a little film thing. After that I’m hoping to grab some dinner with one of the girls somewhere delicious, before checking into my hotel.

The highlight of my visit though is that one of my favourite people; Jordan aka as Jlebb, has just got back from months or travelling around Australia and South East Asia and he’s in London so we’re going to have a catch up tomorrow! Probably over food as that’s always been our way of bonding 😬🐷. 

Well I’ve got about an hour left on the train before I get into Kings Cross and I’m a little bit gutted that it’s still grey and miserable, has the entire UK forgotten it’s supposed to be August?? 

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