Hello World!

So what is there to say?

I’m Sam

114& I’m 25. This year I discovered blogging as a way to track my books I read and post reviews of them, however, I’ve become a little bit addicted with it and thought hey! I’ll just bore people with my entire life rather than just book related things, however if you do like books head here – lifeofabookworm.com to visit my other site.

So what is there to know about me? I’m actually really pretty boring I’m not going to lie, I work full time at EE (the phone shop), I also work in a performing arts school called STAMP that I’ve been part of for almost 10 years, I love music, going to the cinema, drinking cocktails with the girls, eating out, and I also love to travel!

This is really just a space for me to use like a journal to document what is going on in my life so that in years to come I can reflect back and remember some great (and probably not so great) times in my life, rather than just looking at photos on Facebook. I’m also going to try and complete some restaurant reviews, film reviews, just my general opinions on things I suppose.

I’m still pretty new at this blogging world so bare with me as I try to make everything look nice and pretty.

Okay, that’s it for now!

Bye___ x

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